Reasons Why Your Yucca Plant Leaves Turn Yellow

If you’re someone who tends to neglect your plants, then the yucca plant is perfect for you. This incredibly low-maintenance plant actually thrives when watered sparingly. In fact, if you notice something amiss with your yucca, it’s probably because you’re doing too much!

Yucca plants grow slowly but can reach impressive heights of up to 10m. With their showstopping green sword-like leaves, they add a touch of elegance to any space. However, if you notice these gorgeous greens turning yellow, something might be off.


The most common reason for yellow leaves on yucca plants is overwatering. When you water your plants too much or too often, their roots can become prone to rot. To prevent this, it’s important to plant your yucca in sandy, well-draining soil that allows for easy water drainage. Additionally, steer clear of organic mulch, as it can retain excess moisture at the roots.

Image of watering yucca

Insufficient Light

Another cause of yellowing yucca leaves is a lack of light. Yuccas thrive in hot, dry, and even arid conditions, where they can bask in full sunlight. To ensure your yucca gets enough light, find a spot that allows it to soak up the sun all day long. South-facing windows are usually the best choice.

Image of potted yucca indoors

Master Horticulturist Colin Skelly offers some advice for those considering planting yucca on a south-facing windowsill: “Make sure to monitor compost moisture regularly, as in hot weather, it may dry out very quickly.” He also suggests, “Temperatures will fluctuate rapidly, so keep an eye on your yucca when first positioning it and move it to a west or east-facing window if leaves start to yellow, as this may provide still bright but more stable conditions. The RHS recommends a south-facing window in winter and east or west-facing windows in summer.”


Yucca plants are generally resistant to pests, but occasionally, you may encounter spider mites, which can cause leaves to yellow. Dealing with spider mites is relatively simple. Wipe down the leaves every couple of days with a wet cloth, and the pests should disappear. Alternatively, you can wash the bugs away by placing the plant under a shower or sink.

Image of wiping yucca leaves

Old Age

With age, yucca leaves may naturally begin to yellow. In this case, you can gently remove the yellowing leaves, allowing fresh green ones to take their place.

Image of pruning yucca leaves

As you can see, there are various solutions for dealing with yellowing yucca plants. By following this advice, you’ll be able to enjoy healthy and vibrant yucca plants for many years to come.