13 of the Best White Peony Varieties for a Stunning Garden

Are you looking to add a touch of grace and elegance to your spring garden? White peonies are the perfect choice. While most white peonies have a hint of pink or surprise bursts of color, they still create a stunning display. In this guide, we’ll explore 13 of the best white peony varieties that have stood the test of time, some for over 100 years.

1. Amalia Olson

Amalia Olson is a secret beauty. Its closed buds boast pale blush-pink outer petals, but when they bloom, they reveal some of the purest, snowy white flowers you’ll ever see. This cultivar, named after flower breeder Christian Olson’s mother, is not only beautiful but also highly fragrant. With double flowers measuring four to eight inches wide, Amalia Olson is a midseason bloomer that will captivate you in early June.

2. Bowl of Cream

If you’re looking for a peony that resembles a bowl of whipped cream, Bowl of Cream is the perfect choice. Its large, luscious white petals measure eight to ten inches across and are packed with ruffles that hide the golden stamens at the center. This cultivar, named after the women in flower breeder Egbert Shaylor’s family, blooms in early June and brightens up any garden.

12. Miss America

Named after the beloved peony grower John Mann, Miss America is a peony that captures the essence of beauty. Its pale blush buds open to reveal layers of pure white petals with a crown of golden stamens. This cultivar, introduced in 1936, won a gold medal and is still highly regarded by the American Peony Society. Its large semi-double flowers, measuring six to eight inches across, and rich, sweet scent make it a show-stopper in late spring.

13. Shirley Temple

Just like the actress and singer it’s named after, Shirley Temple peony starts small and delicate. Its buds are only one and a half to two inches across. However, as it blooms, it transforms into a stunning flower with layers of white petals. This cultivar adds a touch of charm to any garden and blooms in late spring.

These are just a few of the many white peony varieties available. Each one brings its own unique beauty and charm to your garden. Whether you choose Amalia Olson, Bowl of Cream, Miss America, or Shirley Temple, you can’t go wrong with these stunning white peonies. So, why wait? Plant these beauties in your garden this spring or fall and enjoy their elegant blooms for years to come.

Note: The original article text has been adapted and rewritten for brevity, coherence, and readability while retaining the core message and information.