A Guide to Jasmine Tea – Types, Production, and Benefits

Jasmine tea is not just your ordinary cup of tea. It offers a unique blend of flavors and a delightful aroma that captivates the senses. In this guide, we will explore the different types of jasmine tea, the production process, and the benefits it brings to your health and well-being.

Most Popular Jasmine Teas

Jasmine Dragon Pearl Tea

One of the most popular types of jasmine tea is the Jasmine Dragon Pearl Tea. These tea leaves are meticulously rolled into tight little balls, giving them a neat and charming appearance. The young and tender flushes picked in early spring represent the highest grade of jasmine tea. They have plenty of downy white tips and a smaller size, which adds to their freshness.

During the production process, the natural jasmine scent is transferred from the jasmine flowers to the tea leaves. When brewed, the delicate floral dimension combines perfectly with the sweet flavor of green tea, creating a truly mesmerizing experience. Furthermore, watching the pearls unfurl in the water adds a spectacular and hypnotic treat for the eyes.

Loose Leaf Jasmine Green Tea

Similar to Jasmine Pearls, high-quality loose leaf jasmine teas are made from spring-picked tea leaves, which are later scented with jasmine flowers in the summer. However, in this case, single leaves are used for scenting instead of leaf shoots.

These young tea leaves are packed with antioxidants, offering numerous health benefits. If you are looking to reap the advantages of green tea’s health properties, while enjoying the pleasant taste of jasmine, this tea is perfect for you. Additionally, its gentle nature makes it easy on the stomach.

Jasmine Silver Needles (Moli Bai Hao Yin Zhen)

Jasmine Silver Needles is the most popular scented white tea. To create this superb and elegant tea, hand-picked Silver Needle tea buds are delicately scented with freshly picked jasmine blossoms. The combination of the finest white tea fragrance and the delicate aroma of jasmine blossoms provides an incredible sensory experience for any tea lover.

However, it’s important to note that white teas can contain high levels of theine. The concentration of theine in the dry leaves is higher when the buds are fresher and younger. Among all white teas, Jasmine Silver Needles have the highest theine content, as they are made using only buds from the Camellia sinensis plant.

Discover Your Favorite

If you appreciate the enchanting aroma of jasmine, we encourage you to explore the different types of jasmine tea available and find the one that best suits your palate. Whether you prefer the elegant Jasmine Dragon Pearl Tea, the refreshing Loose Leaf Jasmine Green Tea, or the exquisite Jasmine Silver Needles, one thing is certain – you’ll find something you love!

Jasmine Tea