32 Types of Scissors: Discover the Perfect Pair for Every Need

We all have that one pair of dull, loose scissors sitting in the kitchen drawer. But did you know that there’s a whole universe of scissors out there? From delicate embroidery snips to heavy-duty metal cutters, there seems to be a pair for every task. Let’s explore 32 different types of scissors, organized into 10 categories, and find the perfect pair for you!

Fabric & Sewing

Embroidery Scissors

These small scissors are perfect for delicate snips in embroidery, cross-stitching, needlepoint, and more. The sharp tips allow you to get close to the fabric without damaging it.

Tailor and Dressmaking Shears

High-quality fabric shears designed for clean cuts without stressing the material. These are a fashion designer’s best friend and come in various sizes and weights.

Pinking Shears

When you want to prevent fabric from fraying, pinking shears with their zig-zag patterned blades come to the rescue. They add a decorative touch to craft projects as well.

All Purpose

General Purpose

Long-bladed scissors with pointy tips that can handle a variety of tasks, from opening boxes to cutting wrapping paper or even practicing dress designs.

Papercraft Scissors

Designed specifically for cutting paper, these scissors are less expensive but tend to dull quickly when used on fabric.

Kitchen and Dinner Table

Multipurpose Kitchen Scissors

Perfect for quick cuts in the kitchen, these scissors can snip sausages, debone chickens, and even open bottles and cans. A must-have for any cook!

Poultry Snips

Custom built for cutting through bone, these scissors make quick work of any poultry-related task.

Grape Snips

Originally used by fancy Victorians to serve grapes at the dinner table, these ornate scissors add a touch of elegance to your fruit snacking.

Cigar Cutter

For the cigar aficionados, a good cigar cutter is essential for a clean cut and an enjoyable smoke. But remember to handle it with care!


Haircutting Shears and Thinners

Professional scissors for cutting and shaping hair. These high-quality shears are designed with thin blades and finger holes for easy handling.

Hair Trimmers

Scissors specifically designed for fine work around the edges of your hair, such as shaping sideburns or cutting around the ears.

Hair Clippers

Electric clippers for making initial, longer cuts, followed by trimmers for shaping and detailing.

Grooming Kit

All-in-one kits with multiple attachments for grooming tasks like trimming eyebrows, nose hair, and more.


Compound Snips, Aviation Snips, and Tin Snips

Sharp and powerful scissors designed to cut through metal sheets like steel and aluminum. Perfect for metalwork projects.

Hydraulic Cutters

Used by rescue workers in emergencies, these powerful cutters are known as the “jaws of life” and can cut through car roofs and more.

Throatless Shears

Flexible and versatile shears for cutting and shaping metal, with the ability to move the metal around the cutting blade.


Bookbinder Shears

Professional tailor scissors repurposed for heavy leather cutting in bookbinding. These powerful shears are essential for any bookbinder.


Trauma and Bandage Shears

Essential tools for emergency first aid kits, trauma shears are used to snip clothing away from wounds, while bandage shears are designed to lift bandages without causing additional injury.

Dissection, Metzenbaum, and Iris Scissors

More precise than operating scissors, these scissors are used to separate and differentiate tissues in surgical procedures.

Mayo and Tenotomy Scissors

Mayo scissors are designed for cutting tissues near the surface of wounds, while tenotomy scissors are used for delicate surgeries.

Garden and Livestock

Bonsai Scissors

Perfect for maintaining the delicate art of bonsai, these scissors ensure precise cutting without damaging the plants. Some even come with a hefty price tag!

Pruning Shears and Loppers

Essential tools for gardeners, pruning shears are perfect for trimming branches and small trees, while loppers are used for heavier cutting.

Grass Clippers

Used for trimming grass and border areas, but their role is being replaced by electric or gas tools.

Hedge Cutters and Trimmers

Electric or gas-powered tools for cutting and shaping hedges and shrubs.

Wool Shears

Specifically designed for shearing sheep, these shears are essential for maintaining healthy and comfortable sheep.


Ribbon-Cutting Scissors

Used in grand openings and ribbon-cutting ceremonies, these oversized scissors add a touch of pomp and celebration.


Let’s not forget the little ones! Kids’ scissors come in various fun shapes and designs, making cutting activities safe and enjoyable for young ones.

So, whether you’re a seamstress, gardener, chef, or DIY enthusiast, there’s a perfect pair of scissors out there for you. Explore the world of scissors and find the one that suits your needs!