The Best Peonies: Pink, White, and Yellow Beauties

Peonies are a favorite among garden enthusiasts for their captivating beauty. With their lush foliage and stunning blooms, these flowers take center stage in late spring. There are three main types of peonies, each with its own unique characteristics. In this article, we will explore the best pink, white, and yellow peonies to enhance your garden.

The Best Pink Peonies

Joy of Longevity peony
The vibrant color contrast of the ‘Joy of Longevity’ peony makes it truly eye-catching.

‘Joy of Longevity’ peony has flowers with stunning color contrast

Paeonia × suffruticosa ‘Joy of Longevity’ is a tree peony that boasts vibrant flowers with captivating color contrast. The deep fuchsia-pink centers gradually fade to a lighter pink at the edges of the petals. Dark purple flares at the base of each petal surround the yellow and purple centers. These semi-double blooms, measuring 8 to 10 inches in width, emit a soft, sweet fragrance. With a compact, rounded habit, ‘Joy of Longevity’ grows up to 4 feet tall and 3 feet wide.

First Arrival peony
The frilly petals of ‘First Arrival’ peony give it a delicate and graceful appearance.

‘First Arrival’ peony has frilly, thin petals that look like they’re made out of silk

P. ‘First Arrival’ is an intersectional peony known for its elegant, silk-like petals. Its pink flowers gradually lighten over time, while the center retains a deeper pink hue. The semi-double blossoms, measuring 7 inches in width, feature delicate ruffled edges and emit a light fragrance. With strong stems that won’t flop, this peony reaches a height and width of approximately 3 feet. Expect blooms to appear at the end of May or early June.

Doreen peony
The unique stamens of the ‘Doreen’ peony steal the show.

‘Doreen’ is a peony where stamens steal the show

P. lactiflora ‘Doreen’ stands out for its deeply pink and fragrant flowers. What makes this variety truly special is the large, frilly, yellow staminoides at the center of each bloom. These staminoides create a captivating contrast with the smooth, rose-like petals. ‘Doreen’ is a herbaceous peony that reaches a height of 28 inches.

The Best White Peonies

Cora Louise peony
The charming ‘Cora Louise’ peony showcases its white petals surrounding colorful interiors.

‘Cora Louise’ has double, cupped blooms that hide colorful interiors

P. ‘Cora Louise’ is an intersectional peony appreciated for its enchanting flower display. The lavender flowers quickly transition to white, but a dark pink flare remains at the base of the petals, encircling the yellow stamens and a pink and chartreuse stigma. With 8-inch-wide flowers atop plants that reach 2½ feet in height and 3 feet in width, ‘Cora Louise’ begins blooming in early June.

Bowl of Cream peony
The fully double flowers of the ‘Bowl of Cream’ peony resemble those found in elegant wedding bouquets.

‘Bowl of Cream’ has tree peony-size flowers on a herbaceous plant

P. lactiflora ‘Bowl of Cream’ has been a beloved classic in the peony world since its introduction in 1963. The fully double, large (10-inch-wide) white flowers impress with their abundance of petals. Their pink interiors are barely visible due to the sheer volume of petals. This herbaceous peony grows to a height of 3 feet and blooms in early June.

Flight of Cranes peony
The textured and frilly petals of the ‘Flight of Cranes’ peony contrast beautifully with its dark yellow center.

Dark yellow contrasts with bright white in the flowers of ‘Flight of Cranes’ peony

P. × suffruticosa ‘Flight of Cranes’ showcases highly ruffled white petals surrounding dark yellow stamens, creating a striking visual contrast. With flowers measuring 8 to 10 inches in width, this peony forms a relatively compact plant, only reaching a height and width of 2½ feet. Expect blooms in late May.

The Best Yellow Peonies

Age of Gold peony
The ‘Age of Gold’ peony features beautiful butter yellow petals with darker yellow centers.

For light yellow flowers, turn to ‘Age of Gold’

P. ‘Age of Gold’ is a cross between two types of tree peonies, resulting in its lovely butter yellow petals. The darker yellow centers with red highlights further enhance the beauty of the blooms. With ruffled petals and double flowers, ‘Age of Gold’ grows to a height of approximately 3 feet and blooms slightly later than other tree peonies.

Bartzella peony
‘Bartzella’ is highly regarded for its vivid lemon-yellow flowers.

‘Bartzella’ is one of the most popular intersectional peonies for good reason

P. ‘Bartzella’ is an exceptional Itoh hybrid celebrated for its bright lemon-yellow flowers, complemented by darker yellow and red centers. With blooms that can reach 6 to 8 inches in width, ‘Bartzella’ grows to a height and width of 3 feet. This peony blooms in late spring and offers an extended bloom period due to the sequential opening of side buds.

Garden Treasure peony
Garden Treasure’ peony enchants with its golden-yellow blooms.

‘Garden Treasure’ is an award-winning Itoh hybrid with golden-yellow blooms

P. ‘Garden Treasure’ is another remarkable intersectional peony resembling ‘Bartzella’ in appearance. However, ‘Garden Treasure’ tends to have a more golden-yellow color and grows taller, reaching 2½ feet in height and 3 feet in width. The flowers of ‘Garden Treasure’ are often semi-double and emit a citrusy scent.

Peonies offer everything a gardener could desire: beautiful foliage, stunning flowers, and a delightful fragrance. Whether you choose a pink, white, or yellow variety, these top-performing peonies are sure to elevate your garden.