8 Types of Beets You’ll Find at the Farmers Market

Don’t overlook the beets the next time you visit your local farmers market! The farmers market is a treasure trove of different types of beets that are bursting with flavor. And the best part? When you buy beets, you get two vegetables for the price of one—the delicious roots and the nutritious tops!

Why Choose Beets from the Farmers Market?

man holding a bunch of beets in a garden

In my opinion, beets are one of the best investments you can make at the farmers market.

Firstly, you get excellent value because you can use both the beetroots and the beet tops. This helps stretch your grocery budget while enjoying the entire vegetable.

Secondly, beets from the farmers market are tastier compared to the ones you find at the supermarket. They have a sweeter and more flavorful taste. Don’t believe me? Give them a taste test!

Lastly, the farmers market offers a wider variety of beets. You can find unique types of beets that are rarely available elsewhere.

When Are Beets in Season at the Farmers Market?

Beets and tomatoes on display at the farmers market

While you can usually find beets year-round at the farmers market, their peak seasons are during spring and fall. The spring crop offers a milder flavor, while the fall crop has a bold and earthy taste.

How to Choose the Best Beets?

Bunches of beets at the farmers market

Look for beets with firm roots and avoid any that have soft or brown spots, as it indicates spoilage. If the greens are still attached, ensure the stems and leaves are crisp, without any yellowing or droopiness. The tops should have a similar texture to firmer lettuce or salad greens.

It’s recommended to avoid excessively large beets, as they tend to have a woody texture and are less flavorful compared to smaller ones.

How to Store Beets at Home?

Beets on a cutting board with their tops cut off

When you bring the beets home, separate the beet tops from the beet roots if they are still attached. This helps maximize their shelf life, as beet greens don’t last as long as the roots.

Store the beet tops in a separate bag in the crisper drawer. For longer freshness, loosely wrap the greens with a dry paper towel inside the bag and replace the paper towel as needed to absorb excess moisture.

Types of Beets You’ll Find at the Farmers Market

Avalanche Beets

Fresh harvested avalanche beetroots laying on the ground soil

Avalanche beets are incredibly sweet, making them perfect for picky eaters. Unlike regular red beets, these beets are white and won’t stain your hands or cutting boards.

Baby Beets

Bunch of Baby Beets with foliage, on wooden background

Baby beets are simply harvested early to make room for the rest of the crop. These beets are bite-sized, eliminating the need for cutting. You can roast them whole, experiencing their delicate flavors.

Bulls Blood Beets

Basket filled with bulls blood beets and yellow chard

Bulls Blood Beets are a variety that is known for its vibrant greens. While the roots are tasty, it’s the beet greens that steal the show. They have a deep maroon color and are equally delicious as the beet roots.

Chioggia Beets


Also known as Candy Cane Beets, Chioggia beets are heirloom varieties from Italy. When cut in half, they reveal beautiful pink and white stripes. These beets are sweeter and can be used in various dishes to showcase their unique colors.

Cylinder Beets

Fresh red cylinder beets at the farmers market with their leaves

Cylinder beets are characterized by their elongated shape. They are rich in flavor and juice, making them perfect for recipes. These beets are easy to peel due to their elongated shape and can be roasted or used in various dishes.

Golden Beets

Bunch of golden beets in a wooden box on a wooden table background

Golden beets have a beautiful yellow color and taste similar to their red counterparts. Use them interchangeably in your recipes or combine them with red beets to create visually stunning dishes.

Red Garden Beets

Briefly rinsed, freshly picked beets from the garden

These are your classic red beets, but with a superior taste. They’re sweet, earthy, and a personal favorite for many. Don’t limit yourself to savory side dishes—beets are fantastic in desserts too.

Sugar Beets

Line of fresh sugar beets with tops at a farm

Did you know that 20% of sugar production comes from sugar beets? Sugar beets are bred specifically for their high sugar content, three times more than regular beets. Although they’re not recommended as a substitute in most recipes due to their extreme sweetness, you can experiment with sugar beet recipes at home.

Best Recipes for Beets from the Farmers Market

These are just a few examples of the incredible variety of beets you can find at the farmers market. Explore different recipes to make the most of these versatile and nutritious root vegetables.

Remember, the farmers market is a great place to discover unique types of beets and support local farmers. So next time you visit, don’t forget to check out the beets section and indulge in their delicious flavors!