Landscaping with Olive Trees: 10 Expert Ideas for a Designer Touch

When it comes to landscaping, olive trees are a stunning addition that can bring a touch of sculptural drama to your outdoor space. Whether you want to create a focal point, add symmetry, or soften boundaries, olive trees are versatile and visually impactful. Here are 10 expert ideas to inspire your landscaping with olive trees.

1. Make an Olive Tree the Star of Your Container Display

Potted olive trees are not only beautiful but also easy to grow. Pair them with fragrant herbs like rosemary, sage, oregano, and thyme, along with lavender, for a Mediterranean garden vibe. Choose a terracotta pot and use well-drained compost to ensure proper drainage. Place your olive tree in a sunny spot and water it regularly during the growing season. Prune it if necessary to maintain its shape.

2. Stage an Olive Tree as a Focal Point

Olive trees make excellent focal points in small gardens. Their distinctive contorted branches act like sculptures, drawing attention and creating visual interest. If instant impact is what you’re after, consider investing in a mature olive tree. They grow slowly, so a mature specimen can provide immediate visual appeal.

3. Create a Smart Statement on Your Porch

Transform your porch into a welcoming and stylish space by incorporating a pair of lollipop olive trees in wicker baskets. Add a slimline bench for seating and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of your front yard. The trend of functional front yards is on the rise, making your porch an extension of your home rather than just an entrance.

4. Try Cloud Pruning Small Olive Trees

Cloud-pruned olive trees can add a touch of architectural interest to your terrace or garden. These sculptural trees create an impressive feature that can be enjoyed from both inside and outside your home. Olive trees are known for their resilience, withstanding extreme heat and dryness. They bring a touch of the Mediterranean to any garden.

5. Work Up a Look for a Courtyard Garden

A sunny and well-drained courtyard garden is the ideal spot for growing an olive tree. Choose a variety that thrives in courtyard conditions, such as ‘Arbequina’ or ‘Cipressino’. Plant it in a raised bed to ensure it receives ample sunlight and attention. Olive trees are tougher than you think, and they will add beauty and charm to your courtyard garden.

6. Include an Olive Tree in Your Front Yard Design

Incorporating an olive tree in your front yard is an excellent way to create a good first impression. Opt for a statement olive tree to add a unique touch to your front garden design. Alternatively, plant a row of olive trees against a fence to soften boundaries while adding interest with their shape, color, and texture.

7. Light Up an Olive Tree at Night

Enhance the beauty of your olive tree by illuminating it at night. Install LED lights inside large clay pots planted with mature olive trees. The lights will highlight their gnarly trunks and create a captivating nighttime display. Outdoor tree lighting can add an enchanting touch to your garden.

8. Choose a Potted Olive Tree for Your Patio

If you’re looking for deck or patio ideas, landscaping with olive trees is an excellent choice. Their compact size and minimal leaf shedding make them perfect for limited spaces. Opt for non-fruiting varieties if you have wooden decking. Remember, olive trees require a hot climate to produce a usable crop.

9. Squeeze an Olive Tree into a Balcony Garden

Even the smallest balcony can be transformed into a lush space with the right planting. Place olive trees in sturdy containers to create privacy and a sense of seclusion. Underplant them with low-growing plants like Mexican fleabane for a soft and inviting look. Olive trees are particularly well-suited for roof gardens, as they can withstand extreme conditions.

10. Consider a Statement Olive Tree or Two

If you have ample space, showcase large and mature olive trees as the centerpiece of your landscape. They pair beautifully with Mediterranean-inspired design projects, such as gravel or pebble landscaping, and complement water feature ideas. Plant them in raised borders surrounded by river cobbles for a stunning and practical solution.

Wherever you choose to plant your olive trees, ensure they receive at least 6-8 hours of sunlight per day and well-drained soil. Complement them with companion plants that have similar water, soil, and sun requirements. Lavender, herbs, Mediterranean shrubs, and grasses are excellent choices to create a harmonious and beautiful landscape.

Landscaping with olive trees adds a designer touch to your outdoor space while bringing a touch of the Mediterranean into your own backyard. With their versatility and timeless appeal, olive trees are the perfect choice for elevating your landscaping design. Start incorporating these expert ideas into your own landscape and witness the transformation firsthand.