The Fascinating Life Cycle of a Bean Plant

Do you want to learn about green bean plants and their incredible life cycle? Look no further! We have compiled a set of free printable worksheets that will make this learning experience both fun and educational. Spring is the perfect time to dive into the world of plants and explore the stages of bean growth. With these worksheets, you can also delve into other exciting plant experiments. Let’s get started!

Explore the Magic of Bean Plants in Spring

Learning about the life cycle of a bean plant is a fantastic lesson, especially during the spring season. It’s an activity that seamlessly integrates with discussions about gardens, farms, and even Earth Day. What makes it even more special is that it offers a hands-on experience for kids, who absolutely love it! There is an abundance of projects you can undertake, from growing seeds in the spring to building a greenhouse from plastic bottles, planting seeds in eggshells, and even making DIY seed bombs.

The Intricate Stages of a Bean Plant’s Life Cycle

A bean plant undergoes several stages of growth before reaching maturity. From a tiny seed to a flourishing plant, the journey is captivating. It takes approximately 6 to 8 weeks for a bean plant to grow. Let’s explore the stages together:


The life cycle of a bean plant begins with the seed. These seeds are harvested from mature pods and then carefully planted in the soil.


Once the seed is nestled in the soil, with adequate water, air, and sunlight, it starts to germinate. The bean seed’s hard shell softens and splits open. Roots begin to grow downward, while a shoot emerges and reaches upwards.


When the shoot breaks through the soil’s surface, it becomes a seedling. Leaves start to appear, and the stem gradually grows taller and stronger.

Flowering Plant

After six to eight weeks of germination, the bean plant reaches full maturity, and beautiful flowers bloom. These flowers are then pollinated by insects, leading to the development of seed pods.


The seed pods that develop are the fruit of the plant. They can either be harvested for consumption or saved for the next planting season, when the life cycle of a bean plant begins once again.

Examining the Parts of a Bean Seed

Let’s take a closer look at the various parts that make up a bean seed:

  • Embryo: The young plant growing inside the seed coat, containing the developing leaves, stem, and roots.
  • Epicotyl: The beginning of the bean’s shoot, which will eventually grow into leaves.
  • Hypocotyl: The lower part of the bean’s stem, located just below the epicotyl.
  • Radicle: The mature embryo consists of the embryonic root.
  • Cotyledon: A seed leaf that stores starch and protein for the embryo to use as nourishment.
  • Seed Coat: The protective outer covering of the seed, usually hard and brownish in color.

More Exciting Hands-on Learning With Beans

If you’re eager for more engaging activities related to beans and their life cycle, here are some fantastic options:

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  • Parts Of A Plant: Utilize art and craft supplies to explore the various components of a plant and their functions.

Dive Into the World of Bean Plants With Our Worksheets

Our printable pack contains seven exciting worksheets that will bring the life cycle of a bean plant to life. The worksheets included are:

  • Life Cycle of a Bean Plant
  • Bean Seed coloring page
  • Parts of a seed worksheet to label
  • Seed Vocabulary worksheet
  • Seed Growth Worksheet
  • Bean Seed Dissection Worksheet
  • Lima Bean Dissection Lab

You can download this pack for free! The worksheets will help you understand and label each stage of bean growth. Students can observe the bean plant’s life cycle and then cut, paste, and color the worksheets to reinforce their knowledge.

More Fun Plant Activities for You to Enjoy

Once you’ve completed the bean life cycle worksheets, why not explore these additional plant activities?

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Get Ready for Spring with Our Printable Activities Pack

If you’re looking for a comprehensive collection of printables that cover various spring-themed topics, our 300+ page Spring STEM Project Pack is exactly what you need. It’s the perfect resource to delve into weather, geology, plants, life cycles, and so much more.

Let the journey through the enchanting life cycle of a bean plant begin! Download the worksheets and get ready for an incredible learning experience. Happy exploring!