40 Beautiful Types of Petunias: Discover the Best Petunia Varieties

Do you want to add a burst of color to your garden? Look no further! With different types of petunias, you can decorate your garden borders or containers with these stunning flowers. Petunias come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes, making them the perfect choice to fill your garden with mesmerizing colors. Let’s explore the best types of petunias together!

Different Types of Petunias

Petunia flowers are divided into four main categories based on their flowers and growth characteristics.


1. Dreams Pink
Dreams Pink
Size: 10-15 inches

‘Dreams Pink’ petunias have a mounding growth habit and thrive in the sun. The large deep pink flowers with dark pink veins and white centers will add a touch of charm to your garden.

2. Daddy
Size: 10-16 inches

This variety produces beautiful flowers in bright red, lilac, pink, and rose colors with deep veins on each petal. ‘Daddy’ prefers plenty of sunlight and blooms from spring to summer.

3. Supercascade
Size: 4-6 inches

This sun-loving variety has an upright growth pattern. It flowers from late spring through the summer and is available in bright red, rose pink, lavender, and a variegated form with deep purple markings.

4. Ultra
Size: 6-8 inches

If there’s ever a contest for the most alluring flower, ‘Ultra’ will win it hands down! The flowers have distinctive white markings on contrasting red, purple, blue, and pink colors.

5. Storm
Size: 8-10 inches

This petunia does well in all kinds of weather and comes in a bright shade of purple. The show-stealer is its big flowers!

6. Alladin

Adorned with beautiful ruffles, ‘Alladin’ stands out with its blooms. Growing up to only 15 inches, this variety is perfect for hanging baskets.

7. Amore

‘Amore’ or Queen of Hearts is a gorgeous variety that comes in a vivid raspberry pink, purple, and cadmium red. It is one of the best types of petunias you can grow!

8. Bingo Perfectunia
Bingo Perfectunia

A latent creeper and small in size, ‘Bingo Perfectunia’ is great when kept in baskets or hanging planters. It comes in solid neon red, pink, purple, blue, orange, peach, and rose hues.

9. Bravo

This beautiful variety of petunia comes in deep hues of purple, lavender, and blue. Best kept as edge plants, it grows up to 10-12 inches with extremely photogenic flowers.

10. Lambada

Growing in a compact manner, ‘Lambada’ produces beautiful flowers all season long. It looks great in borders and blooms in colors like salmon, burgundy, and pink.

11. Merlin

A common petunia variety, ‘Merlin’ grows with white trims around the petals. Growing up to 14-20 inches high, it has a dense plumage and makes for an excellent garden bed fringe.

12. Sanguna

These flowers bloom early and offer bundles of color all summer long. Their colors include various shades of blue, burgundy, and white.


Multiflora petunias produce small and compact flowers compared to the Grandiflora variety. They come in various shapes and sizes, growing about half the size of Grandiflora flowers. These flowers are more tolerant of different weather conditions.

13. Southern Star
Southern Star

Originating from Mexico, this petunia is decorated with frayed edges on the petals and comes in colors such as lilac, white, and soft pink.

14. Primetime
Size: 6-8 inches

This easy-to-grow petunia variety is perfect for ground covers and containers. The beautiful flowers have velvety hardy petals and are available in deep rose and lavender colors.

15. Celebrity
Size: 8-12 inches

The bright flowers of this petunia from the ‘Multiflora series’ are ideal for hot and humid conditions. It is available in a range of colors that includes pink, salmon, red, raspberry, yellow, cobalt blue, lilac, and variegated mixed colors.

16. Carpet
Size: 5-7 inches

This hardy, low-growing velvety furled petunia is ideal for containers and ground covers. It flowers in rose, pink, sky blue, white, lilac, and bright red colors.

17. Horizon
Size: 12-16 inches

The beautiful funnel-shaped flowers of this variety are available in blue, red, coral, pink, and raspberry shades. Most of the flowers are variegated and feature more than one color on each petal.

18. Mirage
Size: 10-14 inches

‘Mirage’ is an upright, mounded petunia variety with robust and vigorous growth. It comes in red, creamy-yellow, lavender, white, soft pink, coral colors, and many variegated types.

19. Success

This petunia produces a very dense plumage all summer long and comes in colors such as purples, shades of pink, and coral.


This variety of petunias has small flowers, only 1-1.5 inches (2.5-4 cm) wide. These early flowering, low-maintenance petunias are ideal for hanging baskets and containers.

20. Picobella
Size: 2-4 inches

The miniature flowers of this petunia come in eye-catching shades of red, white, purple, and deep blue. Its compact size makes it ideal for small borders and beds.

21. Fantasy
Size: 2-3 inches

Its small size and easy-to-grow nature make ‘Fantasy’ perfect for newbie gardeners. If you’ve always wanted a perfect flowering plant for your patio containers or borders, this is it!

Wave or Spreading

This new addition to the petunia family features 2-inch (5 cm) flowers and can spread up to 2-4 feet by the end of the season. You can use this series in containers and as a ground cover. These types of petunias can tolerate heat and drought very well.

22. Easy Wave Yellow
Easy Wave Yellow
Size: 6-12 inches

This wave series petunia grows higher than most wave varieties. The beautiful white flowers with deep yellow veins and throat will brighten up any garden.

23. Shock Wave
Shock Wave
Size: 10-12 inches

‘Shock Wave’ petunia flowers from late spring to summer in a range of colors, including rose, pink, purple, coral, raspberry, and white. This petunia is ideal for containers and small space gardens.

24. Avalanche
Size: 8-10 inches

This wave series cultivar comes in a range of colors that includes pink, white, violet, and lavender. You can pair it with other plants in the same garden.

25. Purple Wave
Purple Wave
Size: 4-6 inches

The spreading growth habit makes this plant ideal for borders or ground covers. You can also plant this variety in hanging baskets as it beautifully drapes over the sides.

26. Blanket

Vivid and bright, ‘Blanket’ petunias grow up to a foot tall and 1-3 feet wide. They come in stunning colors like purple, pink, and peach.

Other Popular Hybrid Types of Petunias

27. Purple Vein Ray
Purple Vein Ray
Size: 6-10 inches

This beautiful petunia variety has a large purple flower with dark purple veins. The plant can withstand the hottest days of summer.

28. Kandy Kane
Kandy Kane
Size: 10-12 inches

This variety comes with red and white stripes. It can do well in full sun and shade, and you can grow it in flower beds, hanging baskets, and pots.

29. Classic White
Classic White
Size: 10-15 inches

This elegant variety exhibits 2-3 inches wide white flowers with deep veins and yellow centers. It has a mounding growth habit.

30. Debonair Dusty Rose
Debonair Dusty Rose
Size: 10-12 inches

It features beautiful flowers with pale pink edges and white surroundings. The plant has an upright, mounding growth habit that makes it perfect for containers and small gardens.

31. The Tiger Petunia
The Tiger Petunia
Size: 10-12 inches

Just like the name suggests, the flowers are patterned in red-yellow and orange stripes resembling the skin of a tiger. This hardy plant has a strong growth habit.

32. Cascadia Rim
Cascadia Rim
Size: 12-16 inches

This beautiful hybrid petunia comes in a range of colors, including yellow, magenta, lime green, cherry red, bright pink, purple, and orange. The bright flowers have white rims and are disease-resistant.

33. Red Petunia
Red Petunia
Size: 12-16 inches

The red petunias are available in a range of sizes and shapes, from trailing to bushy. The fragrant flowers will be the center of attraction for hummingbirds and bees in your garden.

34. Black Velvet Petunia
Black Velvet Petunia
Size: 8-12 inches

This velvety shimmering black petunia has a deep purple color that looks black at first glance. It took four years of hard work to develop this stunning variety.

35. Night Skies
Night Skies
Size: 12-16 inches

This unique and dramatic flower looks like the night sky. The beautiful blue surface of the flower has pure white blotches, creating a mesmerizing effect.

36. ColourWorks

With a semi-trailing habit, ‘ColourWorks’ usually comes in tones such as pink with dark pink centers, pink with white centers, and blue with white centers.

37. Dekko

With a luscious spreading habit, ‘Dekko’ looks great in classic planters and hanging baskets alike. It comes in a vast number of colors, including blue, dark lavender, and indigo.

38. Double Madness
Double Madness

With a dense look, ‘Double Madness’ and its double blooms come in colors such as blue, rose, peppermint red, burgundy, wine, salmon, white, and many others!

39. Glow

It gets its name for the vivid colors that have never been seen before in vegetative trailing petunias. Bright purples and bright pinks are common among this variety.

40. Potunia

‘Potunia’ has trumpet-shaped petals that grow upright and attract hummingbirds easily. It comes in beautiful shades of indigo, lavender, amber, neon raspberry, and dark red.

With these beautiful types of petunias, you can create a vibrant and colorful garden that will be the envy of all your neighbors. Whether you prefer the large and showy Grandiflora or the compact and low-maintenance Milliflora, there is a petunia variety to suit every gardener’s taste. So go ahead and brighten up your garden with these stunning petunias!