Infused Oils vs. Essential Oils: What Sets Them Apart?

When it comes to skincare, the use of essential oils has become quite common. However, as we delved deeper into herbalism, we stumbled upon a controversy surrounding these potent plant oils. After careful consideration and extensive research, we made a decision: no more essential oils in our products.

Why We Steer Clear of Essential Oils

We understand that opinions on essential oil usage vary, but let us share a few key reasons behind our choice to take a different route.

Firstly, the amount of plant materials wasted in the production of essential oils is massive. We believe that nature designed plants to be accessible in their simplest forms, without us needing to acquire pounds of herbs.

Secondly, we value the use of herbal applications in their simplest form. Why resort to peppermint essential oil for an upset stomach when a comforting cup of peppermint tea can do the trick? Why use oregano oil in cooking when we can easily cook with the fresh or dried herb itself? This philosophy extends to our skincare as well. We explore ways to extract the plant’s benefits and aroma using just a handful of herbs from our own kitchen.

Enter infused oils. These oils are made by combining a carrier oil, such as olive or jojoba oil, with fresh or dried herbs. Over time, the oil extracts the oil-soluble plant constituents, including traces of essential oil.

Thirdly, essential oils capture only a fraction of the plant’s properties, while infused oils capture a broader spectrum of applications. Some herbs, like calendula, don’t even have essential oils but are still excellent for skincare. Infused oils allow us to incorporate these additional herbs for topical use.

Lastly, many people experience sensitivities to essential oils due to their high concentration. Personal experiences range from mild reactions to severe allergies. By using herbal infused oils, individuals with fragrance sensitivities can enjoy the benefits without triggering any adverse effects (unless, of course, they are allergic to specific herbs).

Understanding Essential Oils

Essential oils are known as the “essence” of plants. They play a vital role in attracting pollinators and deterring pests, giving plants their distinct smell, taste, and color. These oils possess strong antimicrobial properties, which can disrupt the balance of beneficial bacteria in our gut flora. For daily topical use, introducing essential oils as ingredients is not ideal. We prefer to offer a gentler herbal approach. Essential oils were originally intended for use in aromatherapy, and we highly recommend seeking guidance from a licensed aromatherapist when using them.

It’s understandable why many are drawn to essential oils for their products. They offer an easy way to introduce enticing scents and achieve other desired effects. However, herbal infused oils do not have the same intense aroma as essential oils. Some people appreciate this more subtle scent, while others are accustomed to products saturated with artificial fragrances or essential oils and may need time to adjust to something more neutral. We believe that this adjustment is worth it in order to keep these concentrated fragrances out of our products.

Our goal is to provide you with the most non-toxic skincare options for daily, long-term use. With Texas Tallow, you can trust that our products prioritize your health and well-being.