The Perfect Privacy Hedge for Central Florida

Welcome to Central Florida! If you’re on the hunt for a fast-growing privacy hedge that can thrive in the Florida climate, you’re in luck. We understand that finding the right hedge can be a challenge, especially with the recent diseases affecting the region’s palm trees. But worry not, we’re here to guide you towards the perfect solution.

The Impact of Diseases on Central Florida Palms

The Lethal Bronzing and Fusarium Wilt diseases have taken their toll on the once abundant Phoenix, Syagrus, Washingtonia, and Sabal palms. These resilient genera used to dominate the landscape, but unfortunately, they have been severely affected by these diseases. The Phoenix dactylifera palms, in particular, have been hit hard, with many succumbing to the diseases over the past decade.

Crownshaft Palms: Survivors and Popular Choices

Luckily, there are crownshaft palms that have managed to withstand the diseases and have become increasingly popular in Polk County. If you want to witness their beauty firsthand, take a drive down the south end of Lake Hamilton on Crump Rd. You’ll find an abundance of Veitchia and other crownshaft palms in the area.

Among the crownshaft palms, the Foxtails, Royals, and Adonidia have become the most sought-after in Polk County. Previously, planting Foxtail palms in large numbers would have been expensive due to the high cost of seeds. However, nowadays, you can find them all around town, as they have become more accessible and affordable. With proper care, they grow quickly and are not only favored by growers but also by the average person.

The Resilient Choice: Livistona Decora

While the current selection of palms has been successful, it’s important to look towards the future and consider a planting strategy that is sustainable in the long run. For Central Florida’s cold snaps and disease resistance, Livistona palms are the ideal choice. Specifically, Livistona decora is known for its hardiness against extreme cold and resistance to Lethal Bronzing.

Choosing the Perfect Hedge

When it comes to selecting the best privacy hedge, it’s essential to weigh the pros and cons of different options. If you want to plan for the worst-case scenario, considering a record low of 20°F can help narrow down your choices. On the other hand, if you’re focused on typical weather conditions, look for hedges that can thrive around 27°F and above.

Remember, while there may be limitations, Central Florida offers a variety of options that can meet your needs. So, take your time, explore your choices, and find a privacy hedge that not only provides the desired seclusion but also adds beauty to your surroundings.

Hedge in Central Florida

In conclusion, Central Florida’s diverse palm landscape has experienced setbacks due to diseases, but there are resilient options available. Consider crownshaft palms like Foxtails, Royals, and Adonidia for fast growth and popularity. For long-term sustainability, Livistona decora is a hardy choice. No matter your preference, with careful selection, you can find the perfect privacy hedge that will enhance both your property and your peace of mind.

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