17 Purple Petunia Varieties That Will Transform Your Flowerbeds

Petunias have long been a favorite among gardeners for their vibrant and long-lasting blooms. These versatile flowers can be grown as perennials or annuals depending on your hardiness zone. In this article, we will explore 17 stunning purple petunia varieties that will add a touch of elegance to your flowerbeds.

The Regal ‘Royal Velvet’

Step aside as royalty enters your garden. The ‘Royal Velvet’ petunias are a regal shade of blue-purple with almost black throats. These blooms are not only beautiful but also resistant to fading, ensuring lasting color throughout the season. Despite their shorter stature, they can cover an impressive 24 inches in diameter. As an added bonus, this variety is self-cleaning, meaning spent flowers will naturally fall from the stem, saving you time on deadheading.

The Unique ‘Ultra Violet’

Introducing ‘Ultra Violet,’ a petunia like no other. This unique cultivar features beautiful flowers with a thin pink border and a vibrant purple star pattern. With its multi-branching and fast-growing nature, this petunia won’t get leggy as it grows, saving you from tedious pruning. ‘Ultra Violet’ is a strong variety that can withstand even the hottest days, although it may require additional watering during prolonged periods of warm weather. Plant it in a hanging basket or window box for continuous vibrant color all season long.

A Starry Night with ‘Night Sky’

Prepare to be mesmerized by the enchanting ‘Night Sky’ petunia. Its stunning purple-blue flowers with white splashes resemble a starry night sky. No two blooms are the same, making each flower a unique work of art. This compact and vigorous variety blooms continuously from spring to fall, with the pattern on the blooms changing according to the temperature. Cooler temperatures result in more white speckles, while warmer temperatures intensify the purple hue.

The Beautiful ‘Bordeaux’

If you’re looking for a petunia with multiple shades of purple in a single bloom, ‘Bordeaux’ is the perfect choice. With its pale purple flowers adorned with a dark center and veins, this petunia stands out from the rest. It grows quickly without getting leggy, making it ideal for the front of flower beds or filling hanging baskets. ‘Bordeaux’ also pairs well with companion plants such as snapdragons, silvia, and daisies.

Double the Beauty with ‘Double Velvet Midnight’

Did you know that petunias can have double blooms? ‘Double Velvet Midnight’ is a delightful variety that produces large, frilly, deep purple flowers. Whether cascading over containers or covering the ground in your garden, these double blooms make a striking addition. Regular pruning will help your petunias produce more blooms and grow fuller, bushier plants.

The Dainty ‘Mini Vista Indigo’

Don’t be fooled by their small size because ‘Mini Vista Indigo’ is a true showstopper. These dainty blue-purple flowers may be petite, but they make up for it with their abundance. With numerous blooms all season long, this petunia always exudes brightness. The delicate blooms stand out with darker colored veins and eyes. To encourage more blooms, trim leggy stems and deadhead faded flowers regularly.

‘Lavender Sky’ for a Trailing Beauty

For a beautiful trailing petunia, look no further than ‘Lavender Sky.’ This variety produces lavender-blue flowers that grow on the ends and centers of the stems, creating a full and vibrant display. Trailing varieties like ‘Lavender Sky’ are excellent for covering large areas and work well alone or paired with taller plants. Consider planting them in hanging baskets or tall pots for cascading blooms that keep on delighting.

‘Tie Dye Purple’ for a Unique Twist

For a petunia that stands out from the crowd, ‘Tie Dye Purple’ is the way to go. This unique variety produces flowers ranging from purple to pale lilac, and even bicolor combinations. With its trailing growth habit, ‘Tie Dye Purple’ adds dimension to hanging baskets and containers. Enjoy the variation of purple hues that sets this petunia apart from others.

‘Lilac Ice’ for a Silvery Surprise

Looking for a petunia that covers a large area without the need for deadheading? ‘Lilac Ice’ is the answer. With its gorgeous silvery-white flowers adorned with lilac veins, this variety is a true delight. ‘Lilac Ice’ was specifically bred for baskets and other vertical settings, making it an excellent choice for adding elegance to your garden. Just remember to provide adequate drainage and regular feeding to keep these petunias healthy and thriving.

‘Pirouette Double Purple’ for Elegance

‘Pirouette Double Purple’ is a petunia that exudes elegance with its large double flowers featuring white outer edges and purple centers. These stunning blooms can reach sizes of 3 to 4 inches, and the plants form tight mounds, making them perfect for flowerbeds or containers. Be sure to provide proper drainage for potted ‘Pirouette Double Purple’ petunias, and enjoy the deep vanilla scent they release in the late afternoon and evening.

The Halo Pattern of ‘Purple Halo’

‘Purple Halo’ is a compact petunia variety that will catch everyone’s eye with its blooms featuring white outer edges and deep purple centers. Despite its compact size, it spreads about a foot wide, adding depth and beauty to any area. Plant it alongside other colors from the halo series to create a stunning display that will impress all who see it.

‘Black Velvet’ for a Touch of Drama

For a touch of drama in your flowerbeds, look no further than ‘Black Velvet.’ Although the flowers may appear black, they are actually a deep violet color. This unique petunia thrives from late spring to the first fall frost and covers approximately 10 to 12 inches of space. If you’re interested in growing black petunias, it’s best to purchase potted plants as seeds tend to produce lavender or pink flowers instead.

‘Amore Purple’ for Love at First Sight

Prepare to fall in love with ‘Amore Purple.’ This variety produces unique white petunias with a heart-shaped pattern on the petals, making each bloom truly special. With its large flowers and mounding growth habit, ‘Amore Purple’ is a standout choice. This variety can tolerate heat and dryer conditions, although regular watering is recommended during extended periods of hot weather for continuous blooming.

The Delightful ‘Mambo Purple’

‘Mambo Purple’ is a dwarf petunia variety that won’t disappoint. It produces trumpet-shaped flowers in a deep purple hue, creating a dense and colorful display. This petunia is ideal for low ground cover as it doesn’t become leggy over time. Whether planted in the front of flower beds, landscapes, or containers, ‘Mambo Purple’ will showcase its beautiful blooms wherever it grows.

Incorporating these 17 purple petunia varieties into your flowerbeds will add a touch of elegance, vibrancy, and unique beauty. Experiment with different combinations and arrangements to create stunning displays that will captivate all who see them. Happy gardening!