Grey Lotus Flowers in Conan Exiles: Locations and Uses

The Grey Lotus Flower holds significant value in the world of Conan Exiles: Age of Sorcery. Its versatility is unmatched, as it can be crafted into powder, used for extracting oil, and even unlock the powerful Berserk Rage mode. Not to mention, it adds a touch of beauty as a decorative plant. However, finding this elusive flower can be a challenge if you’re unaware of where to look. To aid you in your journey, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of locations where you can find Grey Lotus Flowers in Conan Exiles, along with tips on how to utilize them effectively.

How to Obtain Grey Lotus in Conan Exiles

Grey Lotus Flower

The Grey Lotus is a succulent plant that can only be found in the swamps of the dead, beyond the land of Khatai. It does not grow in the wild but rather lies hidden within chests scattered throughout the Exiled Lands. These chests are filled with valuable loot, including the coveted Grey Lotus Flowers.

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Locations to Find Grey Lotus in Conan Exiles

The Arena

The Arena

To discover the Grey Lotus Flowers and Seeds, venture to The Arena located in H6 on the Conan Exiles: Age of Sorcery map. Once a renowned fighting pit, it now stands abandoned, inhabited only by Skeletons, Cobras, and a formidable Giant Snake. Be cautious when entering, as the interior is tainted with Corruption. To avoid an encounter with the Giant Snake, use the side entryways.

Xalthar’s Refuge

Xalthar's Refuge

Situated in J7, Xalthar’s Refuge is home to the fearsome mini-boss Aridis, Chosen of Sobek, and the Followers of Sobek, along with lurking crocodiles. As a beginner, you may find navigating this area challenging. The Followers of Sobek are particularly formidable opponents, requiring high-level weapons and armor. However, if you persevere, you’ll discover two large chests near Aridis containing Grey Lotus Flowers and a few Grey Lotus seeds.

The Warmaker’s Sanctuary

The Warmaker's Sanctuary

In the depths of B8 lies The Warmaker’s Sanctuary, the third hotspot for Grey Lotus Flower seekers. This dungeon hosts several challenging levels, with the most extensive collection of Grey Lotus Seeds and Flowers located within The Inner Sanctum. However, tread carefully, for this area is also home to three fearsome mini-bosses: the Warmaker’s Adjutant, Archivist Assistant, and the Servant of the Priest King.

The Wine Cellar

The Wine Cellar

Lastly, make your way to B7, where The Wine Cellar holds the final pieces of the Grey Lotus puzzle. This dungeon within the Exiled Lands is teeming with enemies, so be prepared for battle. While you explore and loot its various treasures, keep an eye out for hidden passages that may lead you to Grey Lotus Flowers and Seeds.

Utilizing Grey Lotus Flower in Conan Exiles

The Grey Lotus Flower serves a multitude of purposes in Conan Exiles. Grind it into a powder for various applications, use it as a decorative plant to enhance your surroundings, or extract oil from Grey Lotus Seeds using a Fluid Press. The powdered Grey Lotus Flower can even be transformed into Frenzywine, granting you the formidable Berserk Rage mode for a brief but intense 5 seconds.

If exploring the map in search of Grey Lotus Seeds and Flowers isn’t your preferred method, you can grow the acquired seeds in a planter. Once the seeds have matured into Grey Lotus Flowers, place them in a Dryer to convert them back into seeds for future use.

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