What Are The Best Tarragon Companion Plants?

Tarragon, a versatile culinary herb from the Asteraceae family, is known for its flavorful leaves and ability to enhance the taste of various dishes. While it thrives in moderately dry conditions, French tarragon, as opposed to the Russian variety, is favored for its rich flavor. But did you know that tarragon can also be a great companion plant for many other vegetables and herbs in your garden?


Chives, a member of the onion family, offer multiple benefits as a companion plant for tarragon. They not only share similar climate and soil preferences but also help repel pests like spider mites that can harm tarragon. Their presence can prevent yellow spots and little webs on tarragon’s leaves, ensuring a healthier plant.


Tarragon is not only compatible with plants that have similar moisture requirements but also has the ability to enhance the flavor of eggplants. So, if you’re planning to grow eggplants in your garden, consider planting tarragon nearby for an extra burst of flavor.


Cilantro and tarragon make excellent companions due to their comparable watering needs. Both herbs prefer light watering and some shade in hot environments. Additionally, cilantro acts as a natural repellent for spider mites, which can pose a threat to tarragon’s overall health.


When choosing a basil variety to pair with tarragon, look for the African blue basil, which shares similar watering requirements. This means you can plant it right next to tarragon in the ground or a container without worrying about either plant suffering from excessive or insufficient moisture.


Garlic, a member of the Allium family like chives, offers multiple benefits to tarragon. Alongside spider mite prevention, garlic can also promote the growth of tarragon. Additionally, the strong scent of garlic can help deter larger pests such as rabbits.

While tarragon harmonizes well with many plants, there are a few that should be avoided as companions. Rosemary, for example, prefers very dry soil conditions, which are not ideal for tarragon. Oregano, thyme, and sage are also poor choices as they do not provide any benefits to tarragon and may even compete for resources.

Remember, it’s important to consider the unique needs and characteristics of each plant when selecting companion plants for your garden. By choosing the right companions, you can create a harmonious and productive garden that thrives with the support of each plant’s strengths.

Tarragon and Chives

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