The Artichoke: A Versatile and Flavorful Garlic Variety

Are you tired of the same old garlic varieties and looking for something unique to spice up your dishes? Look no further than the Artichoke garlic! Named for its layered cloves that resemble the artichoke vegetable, this garlic variety is sure to impress your taste buds.

A Garlic Variety with a Sprawling Growth Habit

Artichoke garlic varieties are known for their broad leaves and sprawling growth habit. They are easy to grow and produce bulbs that mature in the middle of the season. These bulbs are round and can grow to be quite large. The flavor of Artichoke garlic is simple and generally mild, making it a versatile ingredient in various culinary creations.

A Clove-Packed Delight

Artichokes are known for their high clove count. You can expect to find 60-70 cloves per pound of Artichoke garlic. With such abundance, this garlic variety will keep you well-stocked in flavorful cloves for months to come.

Artichokes are priced at $10 per ¼ lb, $16 per ½ lb, and $26 per lb, except for the Polish White variety.

Polish White: A Garlic Gem with Historic Origins

Polish White is a standout among Artichoke garlic varieties. These large bulbs have a flat bottom and may even reach enormous sizes. Enclosed in light purple blushing wrappers, Polish White contains 9-15 cloves. It has consistently proven to be one of the most productive Artichoke garlic varieties.

The story of Polish White dates back to the early 1900s when it was brought to Clarendon, New York, by the Cznŏwski family, Polish immigrants who were fur traders. This garlic variety has a fresh green flavor and increases in heat during the first six months of its ten-month storage capacity. Polish White can be yours for $10 per ¼ lb, $15 per ½ lb, and $22 per lb. However, please note that it is currently sold out for 2023.

Polish White Garlic

Ail de Pays Parne: A Taste of France

For garlic enthusiasts who appreciate a touch of elegance, the Ail de Pays Parne is an enticing French variety. This small Artichoke garlic boasts the darkest purple coloration on its outer wrappers. Despite its size, it matures early and has a mild, sweet flavor. Keep in mind that there is a 1/4 lb. limit on this variety.

Beekeepers’ Sicilian: A Unique and Fascinating Garlic

If you’re looking for a truly uncommon Artichoke garlic, the Beekeepers’ Sicilian is sure to catch your attention. With only 5-6 massive cloves on oblong bulbs, this variety stands apart from the rest. It matures earlier than other Artichokes but shares the same simple flavor and characteristic leaf structure.

The Beekeepers’ Sicilian garlic was introduced to Wisconsin by Sicilian immigrants in the 1920s, who were beekeepers by trade. Unfortunately, this variety is not available for 2023.

Corsican Red: A Taste of the Mediterranean

Travel to the Mediterranean without leaving your kitchen with the Corsican Red Artichoke garlic. This strain, originating from the island of Corsica, offers a garlic experience unlike any other. With more red-purple coloration than its peers, this garlic reflects the vibrant history and culture of Corsica.

Corsica has a tumultuous past, having been ruled by various regional empires before falling under French control in 1768. The island has experienced ongoing tensions, including struggles for independence and mafia-related violence. However, it has also been a sought-after destination for tourists and, more recently, refugees.

The Corsican Red garlic has a mild flavor with a fresh green taste, perfectly suited for Mediterranean cuisine. Harvesting this variety requires attention to detail, as the colors show in the outer scales of the bulbs. For optimal color display, it’s best to harvest when there are still around six green leaves remaining. Additionally, Corsican Red has a slightly higher tendency to bolt compared to other Artichoke varieties, although this is less likely in warmer climates.

Corsican Red Garlic

Next time you’re in search of a garlic variety to elevate your dishes, consider the delightful Artichoke garlic. From the Polish White with its rich history to the unique flavors of Corsican Red, there’s an Artichoke garlic variety to suit every palate. Expand your culinary repertoire and discover the wonders of Artichoke garlic today!